Company profile

Niels Winther offers specialised services within two main areas: RoRo logistics and marine services.

Since 1931, Niels Winther has strived to provide a first-class service. As a member of the worldwide shipping organisation BIMCO, we are provided with information and guidance on all shipping matters.

Based in Esbjerg, Niels Winther serves major bulk carriers, tankers, leading oil & gas contractors and offshore renewable companies operating in the Danish North Sea. Additionally, the company has expanded its services responding to its customers' demand, and it now operates in the UK and other Northern European ports, thanks to key partnerships. Niels Winther is an experienced port logistics provider for the oil & gas and offshore wind industries, where it has worked for 40 years and 15 years, respectively.

Niels Winther also transports project cargo, vehicles and containers from Denmark to other countries, and from other destinations worldwide via its liner services with Grimaldi Lines and NMT Shipping. Niels Winther also offers forwarding solutions with other carriers, with project forwarding and RoRo forwarding that suits the customers discharge and load ports and the cargo requirements; providing a global RoRo coverage.

All our services are conducted by a staff thoroughly experienced in the maritime and shipping fields. They are familiar with all types of vessels and act in accordance with the DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 standard through our Quality Assurance policy manual.