Date: 9/1/2016

New CCO for Grimaldi activities

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Claus Larsen (55) as new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for Niels Winther Shipping’s Grimaldi Lines agency activities.

Niels Winther has developed the liner agency activities considerably over the past few years through acquisitions and opening of new offices in Aarhus in Copenhagen. Claus will assist us growing this business even further.

Claus will be based in our office in Copenhagen and will be overall responsible for the Grimaldi liner agency. Niels Winther Shipping has worked as Danish agents to Grimaldi Lines since 1998.

Prior to joining Niels Winther Shipping Claus Larsen has worked in management roles at companies such as Motorships Agencies, Hecksher Group and Maritime Transport & Agencies (MTA). He has also worked abroad for several years and brings vast experience from the liner industry.

For more information please contact Claus Larsen at:
Direct: +45 76 12 23 66
Mobile: +45 20 21 64 80