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Consultancy & Projects

We have been a key player in offshore oil & gas logistics for decades. Also, when the world’s first offshore wind farm, Horns Rev 1, was constructed in the early 2000’s we were involved in all marine matters which have helped us to support many offshore wind projects ever since.

Temporary logistics hubs

Over the years we have been involved in several large scale maritime projects setting up en entire port logistics hub with dedicated quayside storage areas, warehousing, large scale stevedoring operations, temporary office facilities, housing for our clients’ personnel, etc. 

Infrastructure research

In case you are considering a large scale operation or a complex import/export business in Denmark we can assist you in a study to find practical and the most cost effective logistical solution. We have a great deal of first hand experience in house and can also rely on our close relations to experts within all modes of transportation whether it is by road, rail, air or sea.

Clients have also made use of our experience to evaluate and give 2nd opinions on logistical plans or infrastructure studies outside Denmark.

We shall also be happy to supply you with various information on the Danish ports.

Port developments

In view of our vast experience with port operations and having been first hand witness to the port of Esbjerg’s transformation from a fishing port to a significant hub for offshore oil & gas and renewables over a period of 20 years we also offer advice to port authorities considering expansion or transformation from one main industry to another.