Port of Esbjerg 004

Shipping and logistics company SDK Shipping A/S acquires the companies Niels Winther
Maritime, Juhl & Ehrhorn and Esdan-Stevedoring, all based in Esbjerg. With the acquisition
SDK Group expands its position as a significant player in Scandinavia.


Niels Winther Maritime, Juhl & Ehrhorn and Esdan-Stevedoring have all left solid footprints on the
maritime Denmark for many years, and - like SDK Shipping A/S – their core areas of business are
agency, chartering and stevedoring.

On the acquisition of the three companies, Søren Gran Hansen, CEO of the SDK Group, comments:
“We didn’t have to think long when the opportunity arose. All 3 companies enjoy an excellent reputation
in the market and their core competencies fit perfectly with SDK. We have done business in Esbjerg for a
long time but have felt that we should be represented with our own office in order to further develop our
activities in the area.”

With the acquisition of the three companies in Esbjerg, SDK Shipping A/S is now represented in one of
Denmark's largest ports. This has long been a desired location in order to strengthen the Group's market
position in Denmark.

“The companies have been skilfully run by the previous owners and the employees, and with the
acquisition we are welcoming a solid team that fits perfectly with SDK Shipping. At the same time, we
have been following the Port of Esbjerg’s constant focus on growing and developing the harbour facilities
and feel certain that a locally based office in Esbjerg offers unique opportunities to further develop the
collaboration with current and new customers
,” says Søren Gran Hansen, CEO of the SDK group.
Henrik Otto Jensen and Michael Lodberg comment on the sale of the companies:

“We have decided to pass the baton on to SDK Shipping, as we want to strenghten our focus on NW
Group's other activities. As SDK Group continue their impressive growth journey we have no doubt that
SDK Shipping are the right owners in order to ensure the continued development of the 3 companies.”

The companies, employees and the day-to-day operation will continue in the current and well-known
structure and keep delivering high-quality service to customers and business partners. SDK Group facilitates all activities within shipping, logistics and chartering as well as services for the
cruise industry. The group is represented by 25 offices.
Visit sdkgroup.com for more information.